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By | March 17, 2021

The worldwide Halloween festival is celebrated on 31 October. This special festival will be celebrated on 31 October in the year 2021. Everyone prepares differently for this festival. For children, the festival is a day of receiving chocolates from neighbors and relatives, while elderly people pray to God for the peace of soul of their ancestors on this day. Trick-and-treatment began in the 11930s to the 1940s, so to this day children and neighbors dress up in scary clothes and go to people’s homes and gift them candy. Whose trick or treat.

And as trick-or-treating became more popular, candy quickly came to be regarded as an inexpensive, convenient offering, with people usually starting to dress at the dreaded festivals, but the festival is somewhat different. On this day, people are attracted and make a scary appearance. Makeup is done like a ghost.

A Brief History To Celebrate Halloween

The events of Halloween begin with the ancient Celtic festival Samahon (pronounced Bona-main). Now Halloween is celebrated as the beginning of the new year among the Celtic people at that time. People believed that at this time the souls of dead people come and interview earthly beings. Traditionally all people burn bonfires on this day, preparing sweets and dressings to ward off evil spirits because the ancient Celts believed that the spirits of their ancestors would come to Earth, making their harvest easier.

Some activity on Halloween

All the ceremonies included the first “play parties”, which held public events to celebrate the harvest. Neighbors narrate stories of the dead, tell each other, dance and sing.

*Tricks And Treetting

The best and simplest way to make Halloween. On this day some children take a pumpkin-shaped bag to their neighbor’s house and ask the owner of the house to trick or treat. In the meantime, some people are scared of people wearing ghostly clothes and some celebrate by distributing candy.

*Making Jack O’Lantern

According to Irish beliefs, the making of jack-o-lanterns is currently practiced on Halloween. People make eyes, noses and mouths in hollow pumpkins, then put candles in them, and make their faces scary. Subsequently, this carved pumpkin is collected and buried in the ground.

*Play Various Games & Activity

On this special day people play a lot of competition at the Halloween Day Party, the most played competition of which is Dunking or Apple Bobbing which is called Ducking in Scotland. In which the apple is allowed to float in a tub or large pot of water and then the contestants have to remove it from their teeth.

Apart from this there is also a lot of competition. The game was played by girls who were not married. In addition, many other games and activities are played, in one of which they believe that when they stare in a dark room in front of the glass for a long time, they assume that their future partner appears in the glass.

A Story That Tells Popularity Of Halloween

Burning lanterns is a popular tradition on Halloween Day. Behind it is the Irish folklore of Stingy Jack and the Devil. Irish-born stingy alcoholic Jack brought one of his devil friends home to drink alcohol, but he did not want to spend his money. He persuaded his friend to give him pumpkin i.e. pumpkin instead of alcohol.

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